Since GameFlow is now a free product, official private support is only available for patrons, collaborators and other users making recurring donations.

If you are eligible for private support, please write us to and we will try to reply in 24 hours max.

Community Support

In case you are not eligible you have still a few community channels where you can request support:

Remember that “community” here means no official support but getting responses from other GameFlow users, so please be polite when you ask for help.

If you are more interested in having private support, please consider becoming a patron or collaborating in some way (like making a video tutorial).


We have also an official Issuetracker for you to either report bugs or suggest ideas for new features, but please don’t use it to request support because we automatically close any issue which is not really a bug or a feature request (and you don’t want to waste your time, right?)


You are of course free to rant and leave a bad review if that makes you feel better, but honestly we won’t give a shit. The good thing about giving a product for free is that reviews no longer affects us.