GameFlow v1.1.2 · Release notes

Release date: October 2018

  • Fixed: crashes in 2018.3b when adding programs or states to the GameFlow component.
  • Fixed: Utility window closing when selecting another GameObject in 2018.3b.
  • Initial adaptation to 2018.3b new prefab system with a known issue: Hidden GameFlow blocks are displayed as “Removed” in prefab instances due to a bug in the beta.
  • Fixed: Invoke Method action not working on builds.
  • Fixed: error when changing Method in a duplicate of an Invoke Method action.
  • Incompatibility with Presets is now informed to user and managed.
  • Fixed: Error adding a new State having another block focused.
  • Fixed: spurious warnings related to ‘m_EnabledProperty’ in 2018.3b.
  • Fixed: Set / Get Component Property actions not working when Component is specified via Variable.
  • Fixed: Issues with Index variable in For action.
  • Fixed: Glitch in time bars when using very small duration values.
  • Fixed: Messed validation of the Listening target object in event programs.
  • Fixed: Interpolate not working on first execution of On Activate.
  • Fixed: Music loop stops after playing a sound FX.
  • New: Get / Set Dropdown Property actions.
  • Fixed: Dropdown not recognised as UI component by On Value Change.
  • Additional control to prevent possible parameter index out of bounds errors in Set Animator Parameter.
  • API: added static properties to Builtin class for all new variables introduced in v1.1.
  • Minor visuals: popup labels made more noticeable, small fonts no longer using bold style, changed entry point icons.
  • Connective (And/Or) style changed in conditions for clarity.
  • Minor visual fixes in Invoke Method action user interface.
  • Minor visual fixes in Set X, Set Y, Set Z and Set W actions user interface.
  • This is the last version of GameFlow supporting Unity 5.6 and the rest of pre 2017.4 versions. Starting in v1.2 only Unity 2017.4 and 2018.x versions will be supported.

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