GameFlow v1.0.1 · Release notes

Release date: May 2018

  • Fixed: Send Command action. Command Id property not modifiable.
  • Fixed: Start Program action. Program property missing.
  • Fixed: Wrong auto start of event programs after enablement.
  • Fixed: Toggle Component Enablement action. Not working with for GF blocks.
  • Fixed: Disable / Enable Behaviour actions. Should alter enablement toggle when Target is a GF block.
  • Fixed: On Awake program. Execution stuck when program is enabled at runtime.
  • Fixed: On Awake program. Re-executed when an On Activate / Deactivate program is present.
  • Fixed: ‘For’ action. Missing label for ‘Variable’ property.
  • Fixed: Drop not working when dragging an unfolded program parameter.
  • Fixed: Group action. Only contained time-actions are executed.
  • Fixed: Lagging drag and drop of GF blocks.
  • Fixed: ‘Program’ type not listed in object type selector window.
  • Fixed: Program Context menu ‘Change type’ option not working for folded programs
  • Fixed: ‘Get Object From Pool’ action. Wrong auto activation of the returned object.
  • Fixed: Not easy way to detect a double click -> new On Double Click program.
  • Fixed: Program context > Reset option removes destroys program parameters
  • Fixed: Upgrading to v1.0 fails in the current scene after import
  • Fixed: Upgrading to v1.0 not applied to Prefabs after import
  • Fixed: Get Sprite Renderer Property action. Missing properties.

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