GameFlow v1.2 · What’s new?

Release date: April 2019

This is a quick summary of what’s new and noteworthy in GameFlow v1.2. You have also the full release notes in case you need more information.

Ready for 2019.1 and .Net 4.x scripting runtime.

GameFlow uses a sophisticated mechanism to optimize the rendering of the blocks in the Inspector, but this mechanism relies in some internals of the Editor which were changed in Unity 2019.1 thus causing severe problems. It’s fixed now.

Minimum required Unity version is now 2018.3

Although support for 2017.x LTS version was planned, we found that the cost of maintenance of all intermediate versions ranging from 2017.4 to 2018.3 would be too high to be worth it considering that it would be aimed only to a very reduced percentage of our userbase.

Raycasting 2D

Finally. You can now specify whether a Ray is meant to be used in the 2D space and make use of all the existing Raycasting actions and some new specific ones (see New Actions below).

Improved Variable expansion

You can now specify Variables in other GameObjects. The format is pretty much the one already in use. In the image below we use ${Data<Score>} as value to indicate that (at runtime) we will want the expansion of the Score variable defined in the Data GameObject.

New Programs

On Scene Load

New Actions

Disable Collider 2D, Draw Collider 2D, Draw Line, Enable Collider 2D, Find Program, Get Bounds Property, Get Closest Point, Get First Raycast Hit 2D, Get Random Point In Collider 2D, Get Raycast Hit Property 2D, Get Scene Count, Get Terrain Property, Ignore Collision 2D, Restore Collision 2D, Set Bounds Property, Set Terrain Property, Shuffle List, Swap Values, Unload Scene

New Conditions

Collider 2D