GameFlow v1.1 · What’s new?

Release date: September 2018

This is a quick summary of what’s new and noteworthy in GameFlow v1.1. You have also the full release notes in case you need more information.

Hierarchy icons

This long-time awaited request is finally here: icons in the Hierarchy window signaling those GameObjects containing GameFlow blocks:

This feature can be disabled in the GameFlow preferences pane.

Object Selector

The object selector window has been noticeably improved with several useful features. First thing you will notice is that the types for Components and GameFlow blocks are now shown on the right side:

The selector window will also show full paths for GameObjects instead of only names:

Several other related minor issues have been fixed. See the full release notes.

Easier Key Condition

The Key Condition now supports using a key code directly:

Stylized time bars

Enjoy these nice time bars for the Timer block and all time-based Actions:

New Actions

Get Scale, Set Velocity Component, Get Velocity Component, Set Velocity Component 2D, Get Velocity Component 2D, Set X, Set Y, Set Z, Set W, Get W, Set Position 2D, Get Position 2D, Set Rotation 2D, Get Rotation 2D, Set Scale 2D, Get Scale 2D, Set Rect Property, Get Rect Property, Set Quaternion Component, Get Quaternion Component, Get Component In Parent, Get Component In Children, Get Components, Look At 2D

New built-in Variables

Mouse Axis, Mouse Axis X, Mouse Axis Y, Mouse Wheel.