GameFlow is a plugin for the Unity engine whose purpose is to simplify and to accelerate the development of video games by reducing the barrier that scripting (for both game mechanics and special effects) mean for many game developers, specially pure game designers or artists.

GameFlow integrates perfectly in the Unity editor adding support for event-based visual programming. A support implemented not in the classic form of boxes-arrows models but in the form of programs, that is, sequences of “visual blocks” (like in Scratch) that allow anyone with basic programming skills to build perfectly functional games in a fraction of the time it would take to do with traditional scripting languages like C# or Javascript.

In addition, GameFlow includes a set of tools to facilitate the work of level design, such as a visual paths editor, visual forces and customizable gamefabs (short for “parametrized game prefabs”) customizable configured and ready to use.

GameFlow has been designed to play well with other 3rd party tools, to be reusable and to be extensible. Thus, an extensibility API is available for advanced users who want to create their own visual blocks or event programs.

Visual programming

We call visual programming (or visual scripting) to the one in which in order to create a program is not necessary to write lines of code in a language like C# or Javascript, but only to manipulate and connect visual elements.