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What is GameFlow?

An easy to use tool ...

If you know how to play with LEGO bricks, then you are half way to master GameFlow because its basic idea is pretty similar: you combine programmable blocks to build meaningful things. With GameFlow you will be building programs in a friendly and visual way, not in hours but in minutes.

Powerful and unlimited ...

Easy doesn't mean powerless. The core of GameFlow is a sophisticated execution engine which works both at runtime and edit-time allowing you to create not only games but even your own Editor utilities. Need your own custom actions too? No problem, GameFlow has code wizards and a great API for that.

And versatile like no other!

Communicate with your own scripts and other 3rd party tools, use state machines and event programs, control animations and physics, create Editor utilities and macros for automation, use the integrated splines editor, use timers and object pools, localize your game and a long etcetera.

What can you do with GameFlow?

Unknown Pharaoh
The Pixel Mansion

See the complete Showcase

What is included in GameFlow?

Visual Scripting
State Machines
Editor Automation
Spline Paths
Object Pools
Inspector Notes
ALL included for:
  • Free updates forever
  • Commercial use license
  • Community Support

What do users say?

An effective advanced prototyping and scripting tool

I was surprised at how good this was when I downloaded the demo. Quiet a few of these types of assets promise quick prototyping, no coding needed, and then it turns out that some coding is needed or at least a fairly deep understanding of how to put the logic together. Testing gameflow after getting it, this would appear to be the exception that proves the rule.

John Donovan

Really Good

I have purchased a lot of visual scripting assets and I keep coming back to this one. Because it’s WORKING.

Sylvain Demers

Great Product

I’ve spent a lot of money on these kinds of apps and I’ve always come away with a giant headache. NOT THIS TIME. This one is really nice. On top of that, the developer is super responsive. So, for the first time, I feel like I am really learning a lot about scripting.

Don Little

Definitely worth the money

The beauty of GameFlow, I believe is that it uses plain English to name the scripts; to find the distance between two objects, you just use the “Get Distance” script, to decrease the fuel level, you just use the “Decrement Variable Value” and a timer. In fact, it’s like a little toolbox of functions which you can add to each other to create quite complex procedures.

Jon Finlay

Very nice shortcut

By its nature it works pretty much seamlessly with just about any other visual scripting tool. If this product adds more actions and versatility to it, it’s definitely a must for anyone who wants to quickly get results, whether you know how to script or not. It’s just a way to do what you want very quickly. In other words, it’s a shortcut, and a great one at this price.

Jyri Nousiainen

Makes me feel like a coder

Gameflow truly is the best thing out there for non-coders like me. What I love is the support for stupid non-coder questions and the integration of the app with almost anything I throw at it.


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