As I explained in my previous post, GameFlow is far from being a profitable product and that forced me to do something. The most logical decision would have been just closing the shop, but I decided to give the GameFlow users a last chance to keep the product alive and with that intention I decided to put it in maintenance mode and start a Patreon that would serve to know whether GameFlow could have a future or not.

Two months later the answer is not clear yet, but I am happy to see that at least the Patreon is a thing and that my awesome patrons have brought me some hope: We reached the first goal which will guarantee at least some months of maintenance updates and I am confident that other users will join and help us reaching the second goal hopefully this year.

So why making GameFlow available for free now? well, basically because removing the price barrier is the next logical step when a product is selling only a few copies per month on the Asset Store and what it really needs is gaining as many potential supporters as possible. That is also the reason why GameFlow is now available on, just in case you wanted to know.

But there are some other additional reasons for this move. The first one is simply having an understandable justification to discontinue the official private support and make it an exclusive benefit only available for patrons. The second reason is again maximizing the number of users to enable alternative monetization methods that can accelerate the restoration the normal development pace.

So yes, GameFlow is FREE now. And no, that does not mean that the product is coming to an end. This is more like a temporary phase or maybe a transition to a better state, but definitely not the end.