We are really happy to continue this series of posts with an amazing experiment with augmented reality created by one of our beloved early adopters, Chip Sineni of TRIXI studios.

Original post in The Verge:
Sorry, space cats, this interactive A-Ha video is the best use of ARKit we’ve seen

Chicago-based TRIXI studios has seemingly done the impossible and created an application for ARKit that is more monumental than space cats (and cats are one of the pillars of the internet) — an augmented reality version of A-Ha’s iconic sketch video for “Take on Me.”

The TRIXI team says the video was all possible with purchases from Unity 3D’s Asset Stores. GameFlow was utilized for visual scripting, the characters and animations were done using Mixamo, and then AI assets were used to give them logic. “It is crazy how asset stores have democratized code and art for game making,” says Sineni, “that anyone can do this so quickly now.”

Enjoy the video!

If you are working on a cool project with GameFlow too, we will be delighted to know about it and feature your work here. Please let us know!