It’s been several months since the last release and I suppose it’s about time to give some news about GameFlow v1.0.

So, first thing, a spoiler: no, sorry, I have not an ETA for this new version and if you were in my shoes you would not either. Why? well, because the amount of work left is uncertain and you can’t estimate the unknown. Well, technically you can, but that’s basically like giving a nice random number: worthless and misleading. So, while I can confirm that I have now only 10 (of 100) tasks left in my to-do list, I can also confirm that honestly I don’t know how many bugs or issues I will find in the following days. So please, patience.

That said, let’s go straight to the topic question: why is this new update taking so long? Well, there are three main reasons:

  1. This update is HUGE… just take a look at the (non definitive!) release notes in the new documentation site. Pretty revealing, huh? As promised, this is not going to be a minor update but a major release with lots of changes, fixes and new actions that you will love. No need to give further explanations, just read the whole notes if you have the guts ;)

  2. I took some “forced vacations” (late January and February) because I was not only exhaust but also facing some personal issues. I did my best to at least continue giving you support, but I was simply unable to code anything during that time. Everything is fine now, by the way.

  3. There was too much technical debt to pay. In other words, I had accumulated too many lines of shitty code to remove/rewrite after more than 3 years of development, several Unity upgrades (GameFlow started when Unity 4.x was a brand new thing) and a number of lost battles against the dark forces (cough BUGS cough) of the UnEmpire. This was mandatory in order to gain reliability.

Yes, there are other reasons to explain this “supposed” delay like a clear scope creep product of my perfectionism, like not getting the right answer to a redesign problem until the Nth iteration or like spending too much time in futile discussions, but in my opinion the three reasons above are really the key ones.

Now that you know all this, now that you know that good things take time to complete, I would like you to stay calm about my commitment and understand that I am only one man in his forties who needs time to cook and taste his codes until getting the desired result, which is making this version a true quantum leap for all of us, specially in terms of usability, reliability and documentation (the next big thing after the release).

So, no worries. I am fine, work is in (good) progress and even if I can’t (and I won’t) give an estimated date, what I can guarantee you is that after this release GameFlow won’t be a beta product anymore.

Keep calm, keep flowin’ … and thanks for your patience!

Post originally published in the GameFlow forum.