Exactly one year after its debut, GameFlow was finally featured on the Unity Asset Store. Although that was great news and the February Level 11 Sale went moderately well, the reality is that the author of GameFlow is still far from buying that second Ferrari…

So, calm down because Xeleh is still hungry and foolish enough to keep working hard towards GameFlow 1.0 and the proof is this new v0.9.2b update already available on the Unity Asset Store.

In this update you’ll find the long awaited WebGL support (at last!), some new actions allowing communication with the “external world” (that is, the browser containing the Unity WebGL Player or an external web service) and, as usual, an amount of bug-fixes because, you know, nobody likes bugs. For more information, please check the complete release notes.

By the way, this new update will be the last wide-scoped one, meaning that from now on there will be shorter (call them “minor” if you prefer) updates available every 2-weeks on the Store.

And now… Let’s cook!