GameFlow is now FREE

As I explained in my previous post, GameFlow is far from being a profitable product and that forced me to do something. The most logical decision would have been just closing the shop, but I decided to give the GameFlow users a last chance to keep the product alive and with that intention I decided to put it in maintenance mode and start a Patreon that would serve to know whether GameFlow could have a future or not.

A Patreon for GameFlow


Let’s face it, GameFlow is not and never will be the most popular visual scripting tool out there. Why? well, precisely because it was born to be a real alternative for a niche of users that never surrendered to the imperating graph-based approach.

Made with GameFlow (2)

We are really happy to continue this series of posts with an amazing experiment with augmented reality created by one of our beloved early adopters, Chip Sineni of TRIXI studios.

Still cooking


Exactly one year after its debut, GameFlow was finally featured on the Unity Asset Store. Although that was great news and the February Level 11 Sale went moderately well, the reality is that the author of GameFlow is still far from buying that second Ferrari…

GameFlow v0.9b


A quick summary of the upcoming new version of GameFlow:

  • New features like State Machines, Commands and Overview.
  • 14 new actions and 1 new condition.
  • Improvements to the Invoke Method and Set Animator State actions.
  • Several fixes.

Check the complete release notes.

Live demo at Gamepolis

Jose Moreno «Xeleh», lead programmer and CEO of Evasion Games presented GameFlow, a powerful visual scripting tool for Unity which allows for rapid game development without writing a single line of code. Jose demonstrated this by explaining how to make a simple game from scratch in about 25 minutes and without writing a single line of code.